Canellas and Feigh Publish Paper Relating Naturalistic Decision Making and Fast-and-Frugal Heuristics Through Mathematical Models

JULY 1, 2016: The two prominent research programs of naturalistic decision making (NDM) and fast-and-frugal heuristics (FFH) share an interest in understanding how and why humans are effective decision makers. There has been an increasing interest in integrating the two research programs. The paper by Canellas and Feigh (2016) - published in the Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making - introduces a mathematical model of fast-and-frugal heuristics that provides a method for integrating FFH and NDM by providing (a) a framework for generating constructive questions about how NDM theories account for FFH components; (b) a basis for prescriptive NDM decision support tools that are easy to communicate, understand, and apply; and (c) a method for approximating experience, expertise, and time pressure.

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