Canellas presents methods of representing human behavior at Military Operations Research Society (MORS) conference

DEC 11, 2016 – When Marc Canellas, CEC PhD candidate, looked out on the audience at his most recent presentation, he didn’t see the typical aerospace engineers or psychologists. There were Marine and Navy officers, wargaming and cybersecurity analysts for the Army and Navy, and consultants from small and large aerospace and defense firms. These were the standard members of the Military Operations Research Society (MORS), the society for active military analysts, researchers, consultants, and officers within the U.S. Department of Defense focused on operations research and decision sciences. Marc had been invited to present at the first-ever MORS Emerging Techniques Special Meeting (METSM).

In his presentation, Marc introduced his new general linear model of judgment and decision making which was recently published in the Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making. Then he showed how the model could be used to model and simulate large variations in human performance in various environments, prescribe new judgment and decision making strategies for better operational performance, and design new decision support methods and tools. According to Marc, the audience was very receptive to the ideas of modeling, simulating, and support heuristic decision making in military contexts.

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