Guliz Tokadli
Master's Student (AE)
Montgomery Knight Building, Room 416
270 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332
United States
(404) 980-8742

Guliz Tokadli is Aerospace Engineering Master Student in Cognitive Engineering Center at Georgia Tech. She received her B.Sc. in Astronautical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey) in 2013. During her undergraduate studies, she mainly focused on human factors and human-machine interface design on new generation flight decks. As an undergraduate student, she did three summer internships in ‘Turkish Aerospace Industries’ (TAI), Sky Line Transportation and Trade CO. and Turkish Technic. 

In Cognitive Engineering Center, Guliz is currently working on the ONR funded "Interactive Machine Learning" project under the advisement of Dr. Feigh. 

When Guliz is out of the campus, she likes playing tennis, doing pilates, traveling and cooking unusual recipes.


Recent Projects

ONR - Interactive Machine Learning

We are interested in machines that can learn new things from people who are not Machine Learning (ML) experts. We propose a research agenda framed around the human factors (HF) and ML research questions of teaching an agent via demonstration and critique. Ultimately, we will develop a training simulation game with several nonplayer characters, all of which can be easily taught new behaviors by an end-user.

Map of Cognitive Engineering Center

Cognitive Engineering Center (CEC)
Georgia Institute of Technology
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