Antoine Genton
Master's Student (AE)
Montgomery Knight Building
270 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332
United States
(404) 786-1679

Antoine Genton is an Aerospace Engineering Masters student in Cognitive Engineering Center (CEC) at Georgia Tech. He is currently pursuing a double-degree with the french "Grande Ecole" ISAE-Supaero (Toulouse, France) where he will receive his "Diplome d'Ingenieur" at the end of his Masters studies.

In Cognitive Engineering Center, Antoine is working under the advisement of Dr. Pritchett. He is currently working on a NASA funded project and his main focus is to develop a decentralized conflict resolution process in which resolution trajectories are mutually agreed by the aircraft through bargaining. This process will then be implemented in the multi-agent simulation tool WMC, developed at the CEC. Previously, Antoine worked on another NASA funded project, whose purpose was to analyze the airspace design trade space. He wrote a conference paper with Dr. Pritchett for the 32nd Digital Avionics Systems Conference held in October 2013. This paper received the "Best Paper of Session" Award. Antoine's areas of interest are Applied Mathematics, Control Theory, and Game Theory.

In his spare time, Antoine enjoys travelling, and playing sports such as skiing, tennis and paragliding. He also earned his private pilot license in 2012.

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Cognitive Engineering Center (CEC)
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