Hyunjee Jin
Master's Student (AE)
Montgomery Knight Building
270 Ferst Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332
United States

Hyunjee Jin is an Aerospace Engineering Ph. D student in the Cognitive Engineering Center at Georgia tech. She received her B.S. in School of Air Transportation and Logistics from Korea Aerospace University (2010) and M.S. in Air Transport System from the Air Transportation Laboratory at Korea Aerospace University (2012).  As Hyunjee completed the Air Traffic Controller training, she became interested in controller methods and procedures to overcome limitations in airspace capacity, and enrolled in a master’s program. She participated in a Professional Course on Global Air Transportation sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs in Korea (2010-2012).

Her research interests lie in an operation system that efficiently handles hazardous situations by reflecting environmental effects, extracting accurate delay factors, and detecting errors automatically. She would like to investigate the correlation between errors and responses, which occur in air traffic management, and users’ experience and behavior attitude.

Hyunjee is continuing to do research, advised by Dr. Amy Pritchett. Currently, she is working in project, named ‘Scenario-Based Methods for Validation and Verification of Authority and Autonomy’. 

When not in the laboratory, Hyunjee enjoys playing the violin and listening to classical music. And, she likes cooking.

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