SCRITA Workshop 2020: The Measure of Trust between Man and Machine: A Meta-Analysis of Trust Metrics in HRI

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One of the greatest challenges to measuring human- robot trust is the sheer amount of construct proliferation, models, and available questionnaires, with little to no validation for the majority. This work identified the most frequently cited human- automation trust questionnaires, pinpointing ten validated studies spanning 201 questions. From these, we determined nine distinct common constructs that form the dimensions and antecedents of human-robot trust. These constructs are enriched by comparisons to social and institutional trust models to ensure that the most holistic picture of trust is captured. Finally, this work presents what is believed to be the most complete and integrated model of human-robot trust along with a new trust questionnaire that fully utilizes the findings from the meta-analysis. This powerful instrument will allow the assessment of human-robot trust, with all its complexity, establishing a solid, integrated foundation for future experimentation.

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